Full Legal Wedding Bali Back

Marriage is a binding promise of marriage ceremony that celebrated or held by two people with the intention of formalizing the marriage by religious norms, legal norms, and social norms. Endorsement by law usually occurs when a written document signed. The wedding ceremony itself is usually an event that took place to perform the ceremony based on the prevailing mores, and the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Full legal wedding means, you will get married with two type ceremony, Religious Ceremony and Civil Ceremony. Religious Ceremony performed by a representatives of your religious belief, then civil ceremony by Civil Registry Office. Full Legal Wedding Bali can be performed in Bali with several requirements.
Requirements for Full Legal Wedding Bali
For overseas citizen :

  1. Copy passport of the couple
  2. Copy birth certificate of the couple
  3. Copy passport of 2 persons of witnesses
  4. Certificate of no impediment to marry (CNI) from Consulate / Embassy in Indonesia (original)
  5. Photographs (6x4cm and 2×3) of the couple
  6. Divorce or Death Certificate of former spouse (if applicable)
  7. Letter of parental consent for person under 21

For Indonesian Citizen :

  1. Copy KTP
  2. Letter of N1 – N4 from your Kelurahan

For Indonesian Couple, you need to supply recommendation Letter from your Church to delegate your marriage by Christian Church in Bali (Christian) and from KUA (Moslem).

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